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Jan 20, 2009

Handmade items on Etsy: Penguin and Fish

Meow, Meow! Are you a cat lover? Well so am I. So when I spotted these darlings I couldn't resist. Love the colors, love the patterns. Love ,Love,Love. You'll want to bring home all of the kittens from Penguin and Fish shop.

Jan 17, 2009

Handmade Items on Etsy: Lovahandmade

I love embroidery but I can never finish it! Well thank goodness Lovahandmade has done that for us. This work is colorful, fun and can fit anywhere in the home. I think they would look terrific in my office. Lots of inspiration. These are so cute!. Thank you Lovahandmade.

Source: Lovahandmade

Jan 14, 2009

Handmade Items on Etsy: Sweet Tooth Jewelry

Valentines Day is almost here and what better way to prepare than with a piece of jewelry!
Found these wonderful pieces at Sweet Tooth Jewelry. Each design features a heart at its core.
The pendants are made from recycled sterling silver. I would love to receive this gift!
Take some time to visit Sweet Tooth Jewelry. Enjoy!

Jan 12, 2009

Handmade Items on Etsy: Red Ruby Rose

Remember when you were a little girl and you would go into your mom's closet and stay in there for what seemed like forever? Eventually, you would come out with those over sized shoes, and that massive dress on. Well lets not forget the clutch, yes the clutch. This is were Rowena, the owner of the Red Ruby Rose shop, delights us with her handmade clutches. You don't have to be a little girl to carry this clutch! To see more of Rowena's clutches stop by her shop.

Handmade Items on Etsy: Witchetty

If you're looking for some whimsical art, then you've come to the right place. These paintings and prints are done by Bee Joynes. Don't you just love them? I would love to see these paintings on handbags, T-shirts and cards. To see more of Bee's fairies and angels, head on over to her shop.

Source: Witchetty

Jan 9, 2009

Handmade Items on Etsy: Olive's Shop

I love, love, love these pillows done by Fallon Akers from Henderson, NV. I mean who makes pillows like these? These pillows almost seem to come to life! Look at all of the detailed work done around the windows. Wouldn't you like one of these hot babies? Check out Fallon's shop.

Dec 14, 2008

It Feels Like Christmas

Hot 12 Artist from Etsy Treasury!!! Enjoy!